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“The pendulum swings between joy and frustration throughout the process of creativity….

..My creations begin with the seed of an idea. I firstly sketch and draw and then move onto selecting the fabrics and threads, scrutinising layout and colour, rejecting and changing, developing and refining, until I meet with completion and contentment.

I’m Catherine, a Welsh textile artist, living and working from my studio in North Wales, surrounded by beautiful countryside set alongside the river Aled.

The creative process is very fluid, and that  development process excites me as much as the final piece . I enjoy allowing the working process of developing a piece, to also inform the outcome, rejecting notions of beginning with a perfect idea of an end result in mind. It then allows me greater flexibility to change and refine and be in the moment.

I also create smaller applique pieces which are often more predictable, and I regularly portray bucolic landscapes, coastal and nautical, flora and fauna.

- Catherine Bailey

Cath Portrait.jpg
Image by Mercedes Mehling
Image by Jon Tyson
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Our Values

We are proud supporters of LGBTQIA+ and Eco-friendly initiatives. All of our products are designed using either home-grown flax, up-cycled charity shop goods, or ethically and eco-friendly sourced materials.

It is our firm belief that too much is wasted in modern times and we work hard to re-use unloved material. From old picture frames, to discarded tea towels, by avoiding mass-market material, this also keeps each piece unique and special, with a fresh outcome every time.

We support the JUST A CARD campaign, which aims to encourage people to support, value and buy from artists, designers, independent shops and small businesses by reinforcing the message that all purchases, however small, even 'just a card' are so vital to their prosperity and survival. To learn more, click here.

Our Values

We donate 5% of our profits to Shelter Cymru. (Reg. charity no. 515902)

Shelter Cymru helps thousands of people every year who are struggling with bad housing or homelessness – and campaign hard to prevent it in the first place.

They are Wales’ people and homes charity. People have always been at the heart of everything they do and they continue to be driven by their founding belief that everyone in Wales has the right to a decent, secure home.

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